The New 2017 Clinic Schedule

Pilots interested in “leveling up” their skills or earning additional ratings can
participate in several intermediate and advanced clinics hosted by Torrey.

Check out what we’re doing in 2017.

Paragliding is a constant learning experience.  It takes a few days to learn, but a lifetime to master.  Your novice and intermediate certifications are just the beginning of a lifelong education. Next, comes more advanced ratings, more technical flying locations, additional skills which require more precision, patience, and knowledge to acquire.  Maybe you’d like to teach, learn to fly tandems, get into acro or cross-country flying… or maybe you just want to feel more comfortable at your local site.  We offer 30-40 clinics per year to help you achieve your piloting goals.


While you need a USHPA P3 or H4 rating to fly at Torrey, we can offer specialized instruction to help you reach your USHPA (P3 (Intermediate) and P4 (Advanced) certification.  Normally these are 1-2 day long clinic and can be scheduled any time of the year with a bit of notice.  Please call or email to schedule your advanced clinic with one of our instructors. Learn more about our advanced training.


Torrey Pines Gliderport has two (2) resident Tandem Administrators, Gabriel Jebb, and Robin Marien.  The Gliderport offers four (4) Tandem Instructor Clinics per year.  These three (3) day clinics offer all the knowledge, skills, and mindset coaching that you will need to be a safe and successful tandem pilot.  The Gliderport is the largest tandem operation in the world. Pilot pre-requisites to earn your T1, T2, and T3 certifications are a P4, with 500 flights and 250 hours of airtime, turbulence (TUR) and restricted landing field (RLF) special skills sign-offs. We also offer extended mentorships for people interested in learning how to run a successful paragliding business!


Torrey Pines Gliderport, has two (2) resident Instructor Administrators, Gabriel Jebb and Robin Marien.  The Gliderport offers instructor clinics to earn your Basic Instructor and/or Advanced Instructor ratings for paragliding. These clinics are four (4) days long. The Gliderport has the largest instructional staff and certifies more students than any other North American school.  Learn how to instruct from the best. Pilot pre-requisite for basic instructors is P3 with 2 years of experience.  Minimum for advanced instructors is P4, basic instructor for 1 year, and 500 flights and 250 hours. We also have extensive mentoring programs.


The Gliderport offers SIV and Acro training to pilots on a monthly basis.  SIV/acro training is conducted by world-famous instructor pilots, Gabriel Jebb and Max Marien.  The combination of SIV basics and advanced acro training by these two instructors is exceptional.  The Gliderport is also home to the Hapi Acro team, North America’s first Acro Team. Join us for the most intense skills/theory training you’ve experienced to date. 


The Gliderport offers special XC and thermal clinics for new and experienced pilots alike.  These clinics are taught in several locations around the country with support from local XC “Gods.”  The Gliderport is also home to the Hapi XC team, North America’s first XC Team.  Join us for intense skills, theory, and training from the best instructors.


Additionally, we offer clinics in specific areas or skills, including;