Intermediate Certification P3

Intermediate Rating (P3)

Torrey Pines Gliderport certifies more P3 pilots, at a higher level, than any other school.  The Gliderport provides a structured P3 training program that has taken years to develop.  The P3 program will take ~ 20-25 flying days for a recent P2 and take a bit less for more experienced P2’s.

We have very high expectations of our P3 students and will not sign off P3’s who’ve only met the minimum requirements as set forth by USHPA. Those expectations will only be met, if we offer you remarkable training. To create our P3 program, we traveled the world to visit the most successful schools.  We traveled to geographically diverse flying communities, to understand the skills and knowledge needed to fly there.  We worked with the top pilots in xc, acro, thermal, ridge flying. The goal was to put together a program that would create a pilot diverse in skills and knowledge, that would be comfortable anywhere and everywhere.

Welcome to Torrey Pines Gliderport P3 training program:

  1. A pilot comfortable flying in a diverse range of atmospheric conditions.
  2. A pilot comfortable flying multiple geographic and topographic terrains.
  3. A pilot with a humble attitude that understands they are just beginning a life-long pursuit of education and experience.
  4. A pilot that contributes to the flying community.
  5. Most importantly: a pilot able to judge what’s required to safely fly a site and whether the site and conditions are within his/her skill level.

The Intermediate program will help you become that pilot.  A P3 student, will learn coastal soaring, thermal flying in mountains, on flatlands, over deserts, from tow launches, and will learn to understand the atmosphere and anticipate changes before they occur. Your knowledge and skill base will exceed the level that the majority of pilots possess.