Beginner – Novice Certification P1-P2

Your First Flight with the 
Torrey Pines Vogeli

Welcome to the Torrey Pines Vogeli. You are the next generation of “baby birds” that we will be nurturing and pushing upwards towards the sky.  Once you’ve enrolled in the P1 or P2 certification program, please search for and request access to the Torrey Pines Vogeli on Facebook.  It’s a closed group so you’ll need approval from our instructors to log on.

Beginner Certification (P1)

The P1 certification program will introduce you to the joys of paragliding.  The program requires 5-6 days (~ 40 hours) of training and upon completion you will have attained the USHPA P1 (Beginner) certification. Your training will include classroom theory, on field ground training and 5-8 flights from the cliffs of Torrey Pines. Enroll online now and get started today.

Novice Certification (P2)

The P2 certification program builds upon the fundamentals introduced in the P1 program. The program is based on a 160 hour teaching curriculum, which most students complete in 15-20 days. The training includes advanced ground handling, lots of classroom and theory sessions, 30 – 45 flights, hours of airtime under radio supervision with an instructor. Completion of the program will result in a USHPA P2 (Novice) certification. Students will fly at Torrey Pines but also be introduced to over a dozen local flying sites that offer diverse conditions such as, mountain, desert, alpine, flat land and more. Enroll online now and get started today!

P1+P2 Combo Certification

Most students who sign up at Torrey, sign up for the P1+P2 combo package. This is the most popular package because there’s a discount, and because a P2 rating is the rating required to fly by yourself. The Gliderport maintains higher standards for our training program than the US Association requirements. Don’t be fooled by schools that offer a P2 in 7 days or the ability to fly on your first day of training. Many schools rush you through the training program, providing only the bare minimum of instruction so they can sell you gear then move on to the next student.

At Torrey Pines, we believe in a lifetime of education and believe that spending more time focusing on the fundamentals will give you a more enjoyable experience in the long run. We expect you’ll be an exceptional pilot for life. We will train you to the same standards that we used to teach the 2014 US National Champion, the US Aerobatics Champion, the World Aerobatics record holder, and many more.

The P1+P2 package tuition includes usage of Torrey equipment for the program, a brand new 2-meter Yaesu FT-270R radio, a Conterra radio chest harness, a logbook, The Art of Paragliding (training manual), and the proprietary Gliderport syllabus. The curriculum is 160 hours and takes most pilots 16-20 days to complete. Enroll online now and get started today!