P1 Certification


P1 Beginner Certification

The P1 certification program is designed to introduce you to the joys of paragliding. The program requires approximately 5 days (40 hours) of training and will provide you with the USHPA P1 (Beginner) certification. Your training will include classroom theory, ground training and 5-8 flights from the cliffs of Torrey Pines.


P1 (Beginner)

This program takes you from your first day of learning to the point where you can launch and land a paraglider with confidence in simple soaring conditions. The program provides emphasis:

  • Ground Handling Skills (kiting, canopy control, cross wind, light wind, and strong winds, inflation and deflation techniques)
  • Launching (Forward and Reverse)
  • Landing (Aircraft style approaches, Figure 8’s, S-turns)
  • Flying Skills (flat turns, banked turns, flight at trim speed, minimum sink, best glide)
  • Understanding of:
    • Preflight Checklists
    • Aerodynamics
    • Meteorology
    • Equipment maintenance & care
    • Risk Management
    • Site Analysis & Flight Planning
    • Flying in lift, sink, thermals, turbulence

The program provides a great introduction to most aspects of paragliding flight, with a strong emphasis on ground handling, confident and controlled launches, and smooth landings on your feet! The P1 program is perfect for the new pilot that has a couple of days and wants to get their feet wet. The program is designed as the stepping stone to the P2 (Novice) certification and provides, 100% of the knowledge and skills to take the next step.

The P1 program provides just enough knowledge and skill to be dangerous if unsupervised. Please do not attend a P1 training program and assume you are a competent pilot upon completion. The United States Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association (USHPA) require all P1 rated pilots to fly under constant instructor supervision!