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  • Cayenne 5 from Skywalk on glide

    Skywalk Cayenne 5

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  • Independence Looping 2 reversible harness rucksack mode

    Independence Looping Harness 2

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  • Tandem Bars

    Icaro Tandem Spreader Bars

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  • Icaro Pro Handle

    Icaro Pro Handle

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  • The Square reserve

    Icaro Square Reserve

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  • Batis Passenger Harness Side View

    Icaro Batis Tandem Passenger Harness

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  • Icaro Loxia tandem pilot harness

    Icaro Loxia Tandem Pilot Harness

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  • AIX right side

    Icaro AIX Harness

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  • Nikita 5 throw down

    Icaro Nikita 5 Acro

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  • Tandem Parus in thermals

    Icaro Parus Tandem

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  • Icaro2000 Glam Helmet

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  • Icaro2000 SolarX Helmet

    Solar X Icaro2000 Helmet

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  • The Aquila in red and yellow color schemes

    Icaro Aquila

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  • Guidebook to the Eastern Alps

    Guide to the best flying sites of Central and Eastern Alps

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  • Sale! Colonel Basics Flying Circus

    Colonel Basics Flying Circus

    $41.95 $30.95
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  • 4 fight grid cut helmet

    Icaro2000 4 Fight Grid Cut

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