Hang Gliding Certifications

Hang Gliding Training and Certification

Moyes Xtra lite (2) Torrey Pines Gliderport does not provide hang glider training in the flight school. Advanced (H4) certifications can be issued by Advanced Hang Gliding Instructors at the Gliderport.  

Tandem hang gliding

The Torrey Pines Gliderport is in the process of bringing new hang gliding instructors to the Gliderport. We are looking for full time instructors to work in the school and as tandem pilots. If you are a hang gliding instructor or have a friend in the flying community that would like to work with the Torrey Pines Team, please follow this link to get more information about career opportunities with TPG. Check back soon for news on the hang gliding school, we’re doing our best to bring one back.

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    • Hi Gary,

      The price for the P1 and P2 combo is $2,500.00. You also get a YAESU FT 270 radio, “The Art of Paragliding” training manual, a radio chest harness, a whistle and the official USHPA log book.

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