Icaro Pandion



Our new basic intermediate Pandion succeeds our Instinct TE with a completely new concept – rich and comfortable flight feeling according to the latest technology. The Pandion allows fast progress at developing flying skills without having to make compromises as far as safety is concerned.




Pandion flight characteristics

Icaro Pandion flight characteristics wheel

Enthusiastic thermal pilots as well as leisure pilots who want good climbs, high degrees of passive safety, easy, and intuitive in flight. A safe entry into the B-class is guaranteed.


Inflation Characteristics
Characteristics of the glider during the initial inflation.
Landing Characteristics
Characteristics of the glider during the landing approach.
The gliders general stability while flying in turbulence.
Passive Safety
General glider stability without pilot input.
Thermal Attributes
The ease by which the pilot can identify, enter and center (core) a thermal.
Glide Ratio
The distance the glider can travel from a given altitude.
Top Speed
The fully accelerated speed.


How quickly and easily the glider responds to pilot input.
Total Weight
The total glider weight including all rigging.
Sensory information the glider provides to the pilot about flight conditions.
Packing Volume
The volume required storing a folded paraglider.
How quickly the glider responds to pilot input.
The maneuverability and handling of the glider.
How well the glider retains energy in dynamic flight.



The trustworthy flying comfort of the Pandion gives you a safe and pleasant feeling at all times in flight. The reliable feedback of the canopy lets you feel the air and assists you in finding and centering thermals.

The sophisticated layout of the lines with optimized line positions and the shark-nose-profile guarantees high strength, excellent flight characteristics, and very pleasant handling during take-off.

In turbulence or erratic weather conditions, the glider flies safely, and the canopy remains pitch stable providing an enjoyable flight. Active flying is easy to learn and long distance flights are possible, even in rough conditions. For talented new pilots, the Pandion can also be a first glider.




Like all Icaro gliders, the design of the Pandion shows a unique detail of the Icaro Edelweiss flower – selected to fit every glider´s special characteristics and your desire to make a lasting impression in the sky.

You can choose your style from one of those two color options:


Color options for the Pandion

Icaro Pandion color schemes


Sizing and weight range!

Icaro Pandion weight range

Icaro Pandion weight range and sizing chart

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions 24 × 24 × 24 in

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