SIV / Acro Clinic


SIV / Acro Clinic

The Torrey Pines Gliderport provides the highest level of SIV and Acro training in North America. The clinic includes several hours of lectures, 40+ page handbook, exceptional coaching, two boats, drivers, and winches, free reserve repacking, and special prizes for any one who goes big and gets WET.




This clinic is the SIV and Acro combination clinic. The clinic is open to first time SIV students, 2nd-time advanced students, and 3rd time SIV/beginning Acro students, as well as budding and advanced Acro pilots. The clinic will provide several hours of classroom theory and analytical discussion, personalized instruction on each tow, by the SIV coach, video review and several tows per day to practice maneuvers, recovery techniques and finally aerobatics. Upon receipt of payment, the clinic lesson package will be mailed to you. The lesson package includes over 40 pages of in-depth SIV and Acro study material produced by Gabriel Jebb & Max Marien. This clinic will be hosted by Master Pilot – SIV/Acro Coach Gabriel Jebb, while Acro Superstar Max Marien will coach the advanced Acro pilots. These are super clinics and cover everything from deflations, to stalls, wing-overs, SAT’s, helicopters, tumbles, misty, cowboy, etc.

The Torrey Pines Gliderport provides the only SIV coaching in North America with two full time boats, winches and drivers. It’s great fun with a big group of pilots at all skill levels.

Check other SIV calendar events for more information on the SIV portion. Pre-requisites for all Acro pilots… bring it and go big!!! Meeting time on Thursday will be 3 pm at

Lake Berryessa

Meeting time is 3:30 pm the first day of the clinic at the Pleasure Cove Marina and Campground. The 3:30 pm meeting time will cover pre-clinic lecture, equipment check, reserve check, tow bridle installation, and maneuvers discussions. 

Please book accommodations at the campground and let them know you are with Torrey Pines for a special discount.  A list will be posted a few weeks before the clinic if you would like to share cabins or campsites with other clinic attendees.

Pleasure Cove Marina

Meeting time on Friday morning is 6:30 am at the boat launch. Please don’t be late.  

The combination of SIV basics and advanced acro training by these two instructors is exceptional.  The combination of clinic lectures, maneuvers discussions, personalized coaching on the radio, and video will accelerate your learning curve like never before.  

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April 16 2020, May 21 2020, June 18 2020, July 23 2020, Sept. 3 2020

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