Skywalk RangeAir Harness


Air Inflated XC Harness

The RANGE AIR has proven itself with a clever concept that makes it possible for not only X-Alps pros to fly an ultralight pod harness.. but everyone. The 3D single layer main seat adapts itself perfectly to your body and paves the way for hours of relaxed flying for XC pilots and hike&fly competitors, even in strong thermals.



Range Air: Inflateable Lightweight Race Harness

More than just light!

Our light weight pod harness RANGE AIR is not just one of the lightest, fully enclosed harnesses with LTF/EN certification on the market; the the unique concept scores high marks in areas such as aerodynamics, packing volume and safety. Tested by the world’s toughest adventurers during the X-Alps 2013, the 1,9 kg serial version is a must have for pilots who want to optimize their equipment in terms of weight and aerodynamics. Once you’re used to the RANGE AIR, it’s hard to go back to a larger volume harness. Huge rucksacks with heavy XC equipment are now a thing of the past.

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