Cross Country (XC) Clinic


Torrey Pines Gliderport is offering advanced Cross Country flying in the Owens Valley, Lake Tahoe, Chelan and Pine Mt. in California, Oregon, and Washington. Hosted by Gabriel Jebb and The Torrey Pines Team and local XC legends like Mitch Neary and Kari Castle.



The clinic is five (5) days of basic and advanced XC flying.  The day starts with in-depth weather briefings and reviews for the sites around our xc location.  Depending on the clinic those locations might be the Owens Valley, Lake Tahoe, Chelan or Pine Mountain. A basic flight plan and the xc route will be established for the day.  Pilots are shuttled to launch and get into the air with the instructors.  

Radio communication throughout the flight will help the participants along and help them achieve their maximum distances flown.  Pilots that land out will be retrieved by the retrieve vehicle and brought back home.  

Depending on the location, local experts and instructors will be hired to support you and the Torrey Pines Team during this clinic

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Owens Valley April 15, 2019, Lake Tahoe Aug. 21, 2019

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