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Is there an age limit?

There is NO age limit! Anyone of any age can take a tandem ride. Minors just need a parent or guardian to sign a legal waiver for them. We’ve had customers as young as 13 months and as old as 104 years old at Torrey Pines Gliderport. As for learning the sport of Paragliding; Paragliding is more about finesse than strength. The instructors at Torrey Pines have a joke about the “Zen of Paragliding”, which is making yourself one with the wing and the air. Mr. Fred Jenkins will give you the honest answer.  As one of our longtime students he took up paragliding at the young age of 86 years.  He will attest, the only restrictions to paraglide are those that are self-induced. Paragliding does not require a large amount of physical strength, but does require situational awareness and mental alertness. Many pilots enjoy this sport far into their golden years.

13 years old and flying like a pro!

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