FAQs / How long is the flight?

Generally, tandem flights for both paragliding and hang gliding are 20-25 minutes long. It’s important to remember, that the pilots are doing their best to give you a good flight and keep you up. Because the weather is the biggest single factor in our ability to fly, sometimes flights may be cut short if there is a shift in wind direction or wind speed.  Keeping pilot and passenger safe and the flight a wonderful experience, is our primary concern.

The instructors have a very good understanding of the weather, so they will tell you if they don’t think the conditions are conducive for a longer flight. The entire Gliderport staff does there best to provide you the most pleasurable experience in the air and otherwise.  But remember, we can’t control the weather and sometimes the weather just changes.  In that case, if you feel the flight was too short and you didn’t get enough airtime there are a number of different options available including additional flights, partial or full refunds and more. Just speak with the Flight Director or office manager and they’ll make sure you’re taken care of.

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