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Do you take reservations?

We do NOT take reservations. The Gliderport is an non-powered flight park. As such, we operate on a best efforts basis meaning, we need the wind to cooperate in order to make flight possible. We cannot make reservations on the wind. We can predict the weather with very high accuracy, but nobody is 100%. We operate on a first come first serve policy.

But please do know that even when it is flyable, depending on the pilot, wind conditions and passenger weight, we may shuffle the order a bit to ensure that everyone has a safe, and fun flight. Many people come down, sign-up and then have lunch or a snack at the cafe. Torrey Pines Gliderport is located atop the beautiful Torrey Pines sea cliffs.

Even our own pilots who have been flying for years know that sometimes you just have to wait for the weather – it’s all part of the sport. You can call for wind conditions prior to coming to the Gliderport. You can check our local weather station here – this page will link you to our weather page and tell you how to read it.

We do fly over 300 days per year, so it’s very likely we’ll be able to fly when you are available.

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