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When is the best time to take a flight?

Generally, any time between 11am to 4PM has the best winds for flying at Torrey Pines, particularly the Fall and Winter. However, in the Spring and Summer, it’s typically flyable all day from 9AM to 7PM, sometimes even later!

We recommend that you simply call us the day you’re planning to come in and ask if it’s flyable. We can’t predict the weather 100%, but we can tell you if we’re flying that day!

Additionally, if you’d like to help yourself, you can check the weather forecast here. The way to read is page is to look at the top: for paragliding tandems, we need winds that are 240-280 degrees (blowing from on-shore, West to East) at 7-15 mph; for hang gliding tandems, same direction, but the wind speed needs to be a bit higher, around 10-18 mph.

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